Every morning I follow the same routine: send the kids off to Kindy and daddy off to work, and spend the next 30 – 45 minutes tidying up. Just how I like to spend my time. I haven’t yet managed to teach my two small ones to clear up after themselves (Daddy isn’t great at it either- but nor am I), so the living room is a litter of toys, books and crayons, discarded clothes, and other assorted tissues, scraps and things.

Toys though. They’re the ones that get me most. I love that my two have enough to be able to choose what they want to play with, without stereotyping them into gender- specific or age- specific brackets, but as I sit staring at a piece of Lego that has made its way to the office desk I wonder: maybe we have too much.

I like reading stories like this one, where children thrive on the challenge of no toys at all, and don’t seem to mind losing all that they once held dear to them. But I don’t think my kids or I could handle that- yet. Maybe when they’re a bit older, and have learnt to value what they have more it’ll be a step for us to take.

Do my kids really need everything that we have here? Is there a balance that I should be able to strike between having enough and having too much? It’s a fine line to tread, but I am happy with our status quo– that I can go with my children to a toy store and not be bombarded with requests for the latest and greatest toy, that they play with different toys each day, and that they are genuinely happy when they get something new- it’s not just looked at and discarded into a pile. But I’ll be even happier when they put it away properly too!