a fish in foreign waters bookFor those of you who haven’t come across it yet, a new book is on the market which is specifically directed at bilingual and multilingual children. “A Fish in Foreign Waters”, written by Laura Caputo- Wickham and illustrated by Pamela Goodman is perfect for all young children who are learning a second language.

While written in English (with plans to translate it into other languages in the future), this book appeals to children of all (but especially bilingual or multilingual) backgrounds. It tells the story of Rosie Ray, whose family move to another part of the ocean. When they arrive Rosie has to learn a new language and make new friends- a daunting task for anyone, but especially for a young fish. The story describes her struggle and success, and reflects nicely the lives of many children who move to a new country or have to start afresh somehow.

The simple rhymes and attractive pictures make the book a very pleasant read, and one which my 4-year old has visited many times now. She and I both wanted to know what was going to happen to Rosie, and enjoyed the ending very much. The book encourages children to be proud of being able to speak two or more languages, at the same time emphasising that you can still hold on to your original language (and life) while learning something new.

“A Fish in Foreign Waters” is published by Longbridge Publishing , and  currently available on Amazon.