Resize of web23Bio: Long-time English teacher/ trainer/ learner and new mother of 2, I have worked my way around the world, loving the various stopping points and the people they have brought into my life. Not yet at the end of the road, I am currently living in Vienna, Austria.

I teach, I learn, I want to know more. Languages have always been my ‘thing’, ever since my parents tried to use French as their secret language. Innately nosy I have always wanted to be able to listen in on other people’s conversations, hence now the ability to speak a few languages quite well and a few more quite badly. And I hold a Master’s degree in Linguistics and Language Studies, so some of my knowledge is, well, hopefully more than just guesswork!!

If I manage to write anything at all with a 1-year old and a 3-year old snapping at my heels it’ll be a miracle!